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Name: Civil Rights Digital Library



The Civil Rights Digital Library promotes an enhanced understanding of the Movement by helping users discover primary sources and other educational materials from libraries, archives, museums, public broadcasters, and others on a national scale.   –The Civil Rights Digital Library (Welcome page)

Audience: Everyone

Information Sources: The CRDL is in partnership with a wide range of institutions. The site acts as a portal connecting digital collections across the United States, including but not limited to academic libraries, the Library of Congress, state historical societies, virtual state libraries and archives, presidential libraries and more.



Information Services: One of the “three principle components” is commitment to providing support services,

 such as contextual stories, encyclopedia articles, lesson plans, and activities–to facilitate the use of the video content in the learning process. – CRDL Overview


Three Interesting Features:

  • The portal aspect of this digital library connects people and information on an important topic, locating the access in one site. This enabled me to serendipitously encounter new digital libraries and archives.
  • Part of the key mission is education on this important topic. The CRDL supports this principle with a variety of resources for educators.
  • I was personally delighted when I noticed a familiar name listed under the “people” search, Anne Braden. Braden (1924 -2006) a journalist, was a Louisville Kentucky anti-racist civil rights activist who gained national attention when she and her husband Carl (who were white) attempted to resist segregation and assist the Wades, (a Black family) with buying a house in a segregated area. (The house was bombed and the Bradens were charged with sedition.) This led me to the Kentucky Digital Library, and an interview with Andrew Wade conducted by a former professor of mine from the University of Louisville, Dr. Catherine Fosl. Dr. Fosl is Braden’s biographer and is the founding Director of the Anne Braden Institute For Social Justice Research. This a very serious subject, but I was delighted to listen to the audio recording, which despite studying the Braden biography in a class taught by Fosl on social justice movements, I had never heard before. In the current climate, it is more important than ever to understand the history of racism and resistance to oppression. The CRDL is an important tool that brings scattered resources together.

The CRDL Portal and Browsing Options 





Browsing options include events, place, people, topics, education resources, media types, contributing institutions and an A-Z index.

Educator Resources Support CRDL Mission


Educator resources offer critical services in support of the digital library’s mission.

A Wide Range of Discoverable  Information Resources 


This citation leads readers to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non-Violent Change


The King Center

The King Center Imaging Project brings the works and papers of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to a digital generation. JPMorgan Chase & Co. began the project in April of 2011 with the intent to preserve, digitize and make publically available some of the extensive holdings of The King Center Archive collection.

Through the JPMorgan Chase’s Technology for Social Good program, a team of highly skilled individuals has been organized to help digitize more than 1 million documents. The team consists of imaging and archival experts, as well as students from Morehouse and Spelman Colleges, the King family’s alma maters and US Veterans from the US Veterans Curation Program.

The digital archive is a dynamic collection. Visitors are encouraged to check back regularly, as new content is always being added to the site. Browse the Archive

About the Digital Archive

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The collage aspect of the archive spotlight invites users to explore primary sources independently.

An Unexpected Personal Connection to an Item


Citation for Andrew Wade Interview


The portal offers multiple options to engage with the materials, as illustrated by the above screen shot of the KDL and this link to UK