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Name: Library of Virginia





Purpose & Audience:

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Information Sources:

The Library houses the most comprehensive collection of materials on Virginia government, history, and culture available anywhere. The collections illustrate the rich and varied past of the commonwealth, documenting the lives of Virginians whose deeds are known to all, as well as those of ordinary citizens whose accomplishments are the foundation of our heritage.The Library’s printed, manuscript, map, and photographic collections attract researchers from across the country and the world, while the Library’s Web sites provide collection-based content and access to our digital collections to those at great distances who are not able to travel to Richmond.


Information Services:

In addition to managing and preserving its collections, the Library supplies research and reference assistance to state officials, provides consulting services to state and local government agencies and to Virginia’s public libraries, administers numerous federal, state, and local grant programs, publishes award-winning books on Virginia history, provides educational programs and resources on Virginia history and culture for students and teachers, and offers the public a wide array of exhibitions, lectures, book-signings, and other programs.


Three Features

  • Lost Documents FoundImportant colonial historical records once thought lost during the civil war have been returned by the descendants of the man who came into possession of them! These are, “an invaluable genealogical and historical resource. Deeds, wills, and estate inventories are the most common record types found.”
  • Volunteer opportunities  to transcribe documents from home.
  • Out of the Box: Notes from the Archives

Lost Documents

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Transcription Opportunity

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Out of the Box: Notes From the Archives

Every box of records that arrives at the Library of Virginia (LVA) is full of possibilities. We never know what we are going to find in even the most seemingly mundane record series. A joy of our work is sharing with colleagues and friends the images, documents, and stories that pique our interest as we process the collection. The LVA’s archivists want to share these discoveries with those outside our professional circle.

The LVA wears many hats in its service to the state. As the state archive it houses official records of the commonwealth, its counties, and independent cities along with a significant collection of private papers. The archivists of the LVA work not only to preserve the state’s documentary heritage but are also dedicated to providing access to its unmatched collection of more than 109 million diverse items ranging from official government documents to family letters, from royal land grants on parchment to former Gov. Tim Kaine’s administration websites.

All historical images and documents are a product of the time in which they were created and some may be offensive to modern sensibilities. These items will be included in the blog and placed in their proper historical context in order to provide a well-rounded picture of the collection and Virginia’s history.

A blog is the perfect format for us to share our finds and illuminate the practical side of the archival profession as practiced here. It is a natural outgrowth of the LVA’s use of technology to expand access to the collection outside the reading rooms. Visit often. Make comments. Share your stories. We will update the blog every week with a new entry. – About Page



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