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Information Sources:


Information Services:

The British Library offers a host of services, from detailed collection guides, to blog posts that add context to holdings, to a document supply service that scans holdings and sends them to clients. Due to the vast holdings and remarkable services, such as the expert reference experts, it’s more a question of what don’t they do!



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Three Interesting Features


The British Library on Flickr  is a treasure trove of digital images and a rabbit hole for anyone who loves quirky illustrations and unique artwork, old book covers, vintage advertisements and decorative paper etc. Images are noted if no known copyright exists and are in the public domain. A fantastic resource for artists or bloggers looking for unique free images.

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The Decorative Images Album on Flickr

British Library Blogs

Expert curators blog on the plethora of subjects found in the British Library, providing context and support resources for students, researchers and the public. The collection care blog will be of interest to library students.




Early Sound Recordings

This feature is another great resource. Given the recent historic Women’s March on Washington and the sister marches around the world, this item, featuring a speech by British suffragette Chistabel Pankhurst (1880-1958) popped out.

Christabel Pankhurst speaking about votes for women,recorded in 1908.